• Below are some guidelines on the rates we typically charge to high volume customers. We always strive to get the best value for our customers so your rates may vary from our published rates based on the volume and activities we are providing for you.
Example Order Fulfilment Pricing (High Volume Customer)
Order Fee 
This is per package cost to prepare an order to be shipped. The first item or case in the order is included.


Pick 2-5 items  
The cost to add additional items to an order.


Pick 6+ items  
This is the fee you will be charged for items after the first 5 per package.


Case Picking  
This is the fee you will be charged for each addition case after the first one if you order consists of units in shipable boxes where each box is shipped separately. For example you sell you item as a 10 pack in a box that does not require an overpack to ship you will be charged at this rate instead of being charged for picking 10 items. This rate only applies to boxes that are ready for shipment in the state they are stored and a shipping label can be applied directly to them.


The outer mailer your goods will ship in. If you provide your own packaging, there are no additional per-order charges.
Based on Materials
The cost of shipping your goods to their destination.
Based on Shipping Method
Receiving Inventory  
Charge for new incoming inventory. A case is a box containing one or more items of the same SKU.
$0.50 per Case
Additional Features
Promotional items  
Adding printed matter having negligible weight and dollar value. For example return instructions or sale promotional material.
Serial number collection 
If you need to know which exact unit was shipped to each customer, we can scan the unit's serial number at the time of shipment.
Special Projects 
Special Projects are often performed to check quality, assemble, or re-package inventory and other custom requests.

Pallet Handling

  • If your activities will be strictly pallet in and pallet out and the pallets will not need to be broken down for shipment you can use our pallet rates instead of fulfillment rates.
  • Pallets are charged a minimum handling fee of $4.00 per receipt and $4.00 per shipment. Typically we charge a total of $8.00 per pallet at time of receipt time to cover both the in and out. Storage cost are the same for pallets as cartons and are calculated using the cubic feet that the product occupies. For a 48x40x48 inch pallet this works out to as low as $13.34/month per pallet that is floor stored, $10.66 if it fits in our ASRS system.

Storage Costs

  • Storage cost can be as low as below, with minimum quantities and a solid volume commitment. Low volume customers will be higher.
  • $0.25/cubic foot per month,  for floor/rack stored items.
  • $0.20/Cubic foot per month for items that can utilize our ASRS system.

How storage fees are calculated

Receiving & Returns

There is a minimum charge of $0.50/case for receiving or sorting your goods for storage in our facility. Heavy / Oversized packages may be charged more to cover additional handling costs.

We also gladly accept free loaded (non-palletized) ocean containers, but there is an additional charge of $150 per 20' container and $250 per 40' to account for the additional manpower needed for the unloading and sorting.

Returns are calculated the same as outbound orders.

Sending Huron Logistics your Inventory


We ship many packages a day. Leverage this volume to negotiate the best rates with our carriers. We ship with USPS, UPS,  & FedEx. You can utilize our volume discounts, or have your shipments billed to your own carrier account.