Package Engineering

Huron Logistics Packaging Engineering has the solutions for your packaging and distribution protection needs. We have experience in packaging, unitization, and testing for items from a couple pounds up to 2,000 lbs. We have provided innovative and cost effective designs for many different companies and products over the years. We can determine your products fragility level, design packaging, and test it to determine if it will meet the rigors of the distribution environment. Cost savings can be associated from reduction of packaging material, less labor costs to pack an item, denser packaging concepts to save on overall shipping costs, and elimination of shipping damage.

Some of the equipment we have on site in order to test your materials are:

  • Two computer controlled shock test machines with computerized data analysis, damage boundary, critical acceleration, and Shock Response Spectrum analysis.
  • An electrohydraulic test system that is 5 foot square and can do both sinusoidal and random vibration with a sweep range of 2-200 hertz and up to 2 gs of acceleration.
  • A large compression tester to determine stacking strength for full unitized pallet loads.
  • Side impact test system for larger items that cannot be turned on their side for shock testing.

Some of the companies we have done work for over the years include:

  • IBM
  • State Farm
  • Universal Instruments
  • INFICON Inc.
  • Cadence
  • Advance Auto Parts