Fulfillment and Distribution


Huron can provide effective and efficient order fulfillment and distribution, with excellent accuracy and on time performance.

We are experts in inventory management with a historical 99.9% accuracy rate over the past 30 years. And we meet or exceed all customer requirements for order fulfillment turnaround.

These services include the receipt of inbound material, storage, order receipt and processing, picking, packing, labeling, palletizing, outbound shipping, and local transportation. Cross docking and sea container unloading are also available.

We offer complete order status throughout the entire fulfillment and distribution process - plus real time inventory availability and shipment tracking information as well.  


Huron Truck

Warehousing, Receiving & Shipping

Our Greater Binghamton Material Distribution Center is one of the most advanced warehouses in the Northeast. Supported by 24 docks, our 140,000 square foot of open floor space and 50,000 square feet of High Bay Floor and Racked Storage we can provide our customers with many warehousing options.

Distribution Logistics

We've incorporated the latest technology for visual scanning, radio frequency tracking and laser guided systems to fully support these processes, and provide excellent customer service.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to not only interface with our customer’s systems and technology for order fulfillment and distribution, but also complete advanced integrations in an efficient and timely manner.